emma lagle, Volunteer Director


Lucas Isakowiscz, Programming Director



Trevor Dolan, Programming Director


Elisheva Mittelman, Logistics director


Minshu Deng, Logistics Director


Jesse Callahan Bryant, Programming

Jesse is a first year MEM student who came to F&ES after a number of years living out of his car in the mountains. He is interested in the ways in which different cultures relate to the non-human world—both in stories and in behavior. He is not an avid reader, and thus has over time become obsessed with other media, in particular, video. This affinity for visual communication led him to the EFFY directorial board whereon he puts together the program and manages the website.


Elise Gilchrist, Graphics and Marketing

Elise Gilchrist is a Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Her previous work has been in media and communications for a variety of organizations. She worked for non-profits in Thailand and Mexico promoting wildlife conservation and most recently for a coastal agency in North Carolina. Elise has a strong interest in using video as a story-telling tool in the environmental field.


Effy monster

EFFY Monster has been with the festival since the very beginning. Serving as the official Environmental Film Festival at Yale mascot, EFFY Monster has been an ever-present figure at all EFFY events, screenings, and panel discussions. An enthusiastic supporter, film lover, and audience favorite, EFFY Monster is proud to (once again) be a part of the team!