• I Am Chut Wutty

  • Racing Extinction

  • Overburden

  • City of Trees

  • Landfill Harmonic

What is EFFY?

The Environmental Film Festival at Yale (EFFY), sponsored by the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, is one of America's premier student-run environmental film festivals. Every spring, EFFY showcases incisive, cutting edge films that highlight the environmental and social issues of our time. Expert panels of filmmakers, celebrities, scholars, journalists, activists, and public servants provide our audiences with context, criticism, and greater insights after most screenings. Interactive non-film events like block parties, workshops, nature walks and more round out the festivities. Past festivals have included presentations by Dan Rather, Van Jones, Gus Speth, and Jeffrey Sachs, as well the U.S. Premiere of "The Blood of the Rose", the World Premiere of "Your Environmental Road Trip", advanced screenings of DisneyNature’s "Earth", "Oceans", and "African Cats", several Oscar nominees, and Academy Award winner "The Cove".

Who is EFFY?

We are a group of graduate students who are committed to advancing environmental awareness through the power of film. Each year, EFFY supplants its graduating leadership with promising descendants who perpetually renew the festival with fresh ideas and insights. We strive to empower the expanding community of environmental filmmakers by showcasing their work and facilitating their development. If EFFY sparks meaningful conversations while motivating others to act on newfound convictions, then our festival has succeeded. We look forward to seeing you at EFFY!

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