Welcome to Climate REEL!

A message from the Executive Director

Lisa Veliz, Executive Director

Welcome to EFFY's new blog Climate REEL!  We are excited to launch our new venture to share insights, interviews, and inspiration with you.  Gearing up for EFFY 2016 has been such an educational experience for all involved. Our team has been working since October to pull various pieces of the festival together, and I know that we are all looking forward to opening night! We have a fantastic lineup this year, and even a couple Sundance films. We’ve also been working very hard to incorporate a few new elements to the festival this year. First, we will be hosting a Youth Filmmakers’ Summit on Saturday, April 2nd, in order to integrate more youth perspectives in the environmental film movement, and I’m very excited to give high school students the opportunity to serve on a panel and talk about their experiences as filmmakers. Second, we’re connecting with virtual reality content providers and gear manufacturers to understand the role that nature-inspired virtual reality experiences can play in a new era of entertainment.  I personally believe that these types of efforts can complement EFFY’s mission quite well. We have several exciting initiatives on the horizon, and I’m looking forward to see it all unfold. Stay tuned!